• Murice Damion Miller

    Husband, Father, Entrepreneur

    Murice Damion Miller

    Murice Damion Miller is a husband, a father, and an entrepreneur, described as having a real talent for creativity, innovation and accomplishment. He currently lives in Moab, Utah, and is an intern with the Moab Small Business Development Center and a photographer with the Moab Sun News. Murice has also started a new business interview program that is titled, "MoabStartups." It's purpose is to help small businesses gain exposure. As an avid business creator, he has started his ideal business in Moab, UT which is MoabMall.com. It is an online mall that is both for the residents and the tourists. The residents create and sell their products to the over 1million visitors to the small town. 

    Photo of Murice: Svetlana Martynova


    "Learn a Language before Going to Sleep"

    Pillingo.com is a unique product in that it combines comfort and learning at the same time and it is really fun. You could make a game out of learning a language by yourself or with family members.

    "A Word of Life Before Goodnight"

    Pillowverse is a pillow that combines comfort and learning the word of God in one unique product.  The pillow has Bible themes such as hope and salvation and many more to come.

    "Moab, UT online Mall"

    Not enough time to do your shopping while in town?

    Don't worry, we will ship it to you!

    My second book, but first official. It is an all round book that covers information on providing for your families spiritual needs, how to cook a great meal, and  resources  that are available to make your entrepreneurial goals a reality. I seek to attempt great things and with God's help, those great things are being achieved. You will learn how I did it so that you could attempt and achieve greater things also.

    Educate While Improving Athletic Performance.


    I love to learn and I also enjoy helping others on that journey. Imagine if you could create a way to combine learning with exercise and just plain fun. I am blessed to be able to do that. With Brainyball, you could learn a foreign language while playing a game with family or friends or just practicing your soccer moves.

    Our current focus with BrainyBall is to offer customized sports balls for banks, schools, sporting clubs, etc. It is a great way to promote your business or organization while helping kids learn.

    Create a Profitable Magazine with Google Slides.

    Is it really possible?

    Yes, it is possible, to create a profitable magazine with Google Slides. What is Google slides? It is Google's free alternative to Powerpoint. On this free course, you will literally learn how to use the basic features of Slides to create a magazine from layout designing to exporting in high resolution, etc. 

    Housebander's book cover was made with slides, the dotcompad was also made with slides. 


    31 ratings (average 4.8), 2693+ students enrolled

    More course will be created for 2016.

    My wife loves to receive massages and honestly, I am not the best at giving them. She grew tired of trying to instruct me while getting a massage, and then the idea came to my mind to create a shirt that had massaging instructions on the back. It was a breakthrough for me and I am sure that it would benefit you or your loved one as well.

    "Be the Boss of Your Domain Names!"


    A hardcover (imagewrap) journal, that helps you keep on top of your domains offline.

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    Moab is filled with hard working individuals and they are also kind. MoabStartups is a radio program to help our listeners get to know the owners of the businesses so that they could be inspired as well to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams. 

    I highly enjoy photography and graphic design. Here are a few of my favorite works.

    I enjoy sharing the message of God's unconditional love for us. Whenever a door opens, I am willing and abled by the Grace of God to share.